Friday, September 28, 2007


When a friend of mine yielded to the currents of the age and created herself a blog, she admitted that the reason for her former hesitation was because “everyone” does. Perhaps that was the primary reason for my hesitation as well, and perhaps it was her courage to be un-individual that has given me the courage to follow suit. After all, in a culture obsessed with individualism, a resistance to being swayed by some currents is a yielding to another.

Even with that confession out of the way, there is one major reason I have kept my distance from blogland: I have a history of being far too interested in myself. Since I was fifteen I have probably spent no less than twelve hours a week leisure-writing, an exercise that has been both beneficial and dangerous, and I am afraid that I am often somewhat smitten with the sound of my own pen. The last thing I need is another means of making myself feel sagacious.

So may the Lord deal with this blog, be it ever so severely, if it becomes another outlet for my self-importance. But if a blog can become a means of exercising the discipline of listening, then I am always up for a new challenge.

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