Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Intercity-high-school-senior blues

Tonight I have a case of the intercity-high-school-senior blues, which may (oddly enough) be appropriate for the Advent season. The students were assigned to write a letter-to-the-editor that addresses any controversial topic. Of course, after (barely) surviving these essays, I’m wondering if perhaps this assignment should have come after many many many many other lessons that they missed.
  • If students could choice the class that they took, I think that the drop out rate would go down quickly. I doubt many of them would choice to took grammar.
  • I believe that other teens should not be exposed to teen pregnancy. This to solve the problem of teen pregnancy: If teens didn’t see other teens pregnant, then they wouldn’t get pregnant themselves.
  • Gang’s in our community was created to improve the community with love and respect so you feel safe in some community’s. I don’t want to touch this one.
  • Catholic people are against abortion, because they believe that pregnancies are woman’s punish. That’s right; Catholics are always quoting that one verse that says “Children are a punishment from the Lord…”
Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Now to find an activity a little better for my soul…

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