Monday, April 19, 2010

Diverting Apologetics

As promised, I wrote an article for a friend's blog on "Why I am joining the Catholic Church," which provides me the chance to send this link your way without turning my blog into a place for apologetics. The article deals with some basic principles that the more controversial issues are founded on, and I'll deal with the latter category later. It's an ecumenical enough article to allow my friend to write a "Why she is right but I am still Protestant" article for next week, so hopefully it won't be enormously offensive to folks in other camps. He is also inviting me to be a regular contributor to that blog, so if you enjoy the discussion you can keep going back there for more. In the mean time, Merry's Cloister will continue to be reserved for things I hear rather than things I assert.

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Kathy said...

Welcome, Em!
(from a soccer player on the soccer field doing a really uncoordinated job...)