Friday, June 24, 2011

El Roi - the God who sees me

I sought thee as the magi sought the star—
Be found by me—
For heaven is so high and earth too far
For ants like me.
But in these pebbles where I often crawl
I smell the crumbs of children. Let them fall.

And I have probed the annals of the wise
To find out thee,
But only saw the mirror of my eyes—
Be found by me.
We cross the globe and chase the setting sun
And find our end is where we had begun.

So in the hollow of my empty hands,
Be found by me,
Like springs that burst within the thirsty land
That’s found by thee.
And in my desert thou hast dug a hole
To be thy hermitage within my soul.


matt said...

saw your comment on the new blog. so glad to hear from you. hope things are well in the "midwest"

Congrats, by the way, since i haven't seen you since maybe Audrey's wedding.

Em the luddite said...

Delightful to hear from you as well, old friend! If we're distributing congratulations, I'd like to send some your way as well. Your son is beautiful! My best to you all, and here's to hoping we see each other again sometime sooner than another four years!