Friday, December 14, 2007

Sonnet XII of Advent

On a more positive note, I was reading the Advent sonnet for the 12th day of Advent that I wrote last year. I don't intend this blog to be a poetry-outlet for me, but this collection of sonnets had been a listening tool for me last year. They are poetic summaries of the lectionary readings for each day of Advent. The one for today was a good reminder that Christ is preparing my heart even when I am not as attentive to prepare it:

You’ve sent us out in preparation, to
Prepare our hearts, a banquet room to dine
Within. We wander on ahead of you
And find that you’ve prepared our bread and wine.
For you who send us out to find a place
To dwell have gone before us in the land,
And the inheritance is that of grace,
For you’ve established steps and blessed our stand.
And you who sent us in captivity
Have named our sons “A Remnant will Return,”
And urged us not to fear our enemy;
For we won’t stand unless we’re standing firm.
Give ear to older eyes who stand unshaken,
For never have the righteous been unshaken.

Psalm 31, 35
Isaiah 7:10-25
II Thessalonians 2:13-3:5
Luke 22:14-30

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