Friday, December 21, 2007

Sonnet XX of Advent

Last year's advent sonnet for today happens to involve one of my favorite Bible stories (an odd one for a favorite, I know), which my priest was teaching in his sermon last Sunday. I'm feeling pretty weak these days, and this was a story I need to remember this Advent.

Psalm 40, 54, 51
Isaiah 10:5-19
II Peter 2:17-22
Matthew 11:2-15

I’ve waited patiently for him, and now
Am half inclined to think he heard my cry.
But prison reeks of doubt upon the brow
Of me, the reed the bends as winds blow by.
Excuse my doubts, but mud and mire are old,
So have you come, or shall I wait some more?
Please excavate my ears, for they grow cold
And sacrifice falls hollow on the floor.
So bring me body, ears and heart, though all
I offer is this broken spirit’s plea,
Extending just the doubting, fearful call
To him whose goodness makes the blinded see.
The violent take the kingdom using force,
But yours is built with weakness and remorse.

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