Saturday, January 24, 2009

Listening to blogger

I don’t normally post other people’s blogs, but these two both made me cry today. Since this is a listening-blog, I though it would be appropriate to post the links.

Jennifer at Conversion Diary posted a story about a telemarketing prank gone wrong in her college atheist days. I've spent my adult days going back and forth between different worlds that can’t understand the different languages spoken: Here’s to college-atheist-Jennifer for hearing the man on the other line enough to be changed. Here’s to the man on the other line with the vulnerability and humility to let her mockery go over his head. Here’s to hoping we all become better listeners.

My dear friend at Two Square Meals posted a story about her son Calvin, who is very dear to my heart as well. Though this is technically a mothering post, and though people in many of the circles in which I travel do not connect well with pop-psychology, I connected to this story as the four-year-old Calvin. Perhaps others out there who hold wounds longer than most others seem to will understand. May I hear the voice of Grace speaking the words of my friend.

And God speed the day we all get thrusters on our feet and can fly!

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