Monday, September 20, 2010

Diverting Apologetics, II

I was invited again to write an article for the theological blog of a few friends of mine, this time touching on the understanding of sainthood from a Catholic perspective. Feel free to give it some feedback, whether or not you are sympathetic. Any qualms would be helpful for me to ponder because a) I am hoping to write a follow-up article about Marian theology in a few months and I want to make sure these bases are covered first, and b) I have been invited to help with a project in the relic chapel of the local basilica and multiple perspectives would be helpful for my own ponderings. I promise to listen!

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Benjamin said...

Hi Emily,

I appreciated the irenic tone and the thoughts on scripture. I left a comment over on the other blog asking if you wanted feedback... assuming you would be instantly notified. Which seems unlikely.

Now I am not so sure my thoughts are fit for reading, but I'm still curious to know if you would have time and inclination to read them if they ever become so.

take care!